Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World

Having so many places in the world where you can travel, why choose Guatemala?

8 Razones para hacer tu intercambio en Guatemala.

Guatemala is the sacred land of the Mayans, it has beautiful landscapes embellished by its impressive past and stunning natural surroundings.

The exquisite cultural fusion of the ancient Mayan culture, the Spanish colonists and the joy of the of the Afro-Caribbean descendants make this country an extraordinary place.

In addition to all its cultural wealth, Guatemala has been recognised as a Mega-diverse nation thanks to the high levels of biodiversity and endemism that protects it. Its extraordinary cultural wealth, ancient historical heritage and unique biodiversity makes it a must-see destination for visitors seeking a unique and authentic experience.

Its geographical location in the centre of America and the access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, allows reaching Guatemala in a relatively easy way from any part of the world.

Guatemala is the perfect site for any traveller looking for a destination that hasn’t been saturated with tourists. It is the perfect place to find new adventures, experiences and acquiring life-lessons.

Why is Guatemala the real Heart of the Mayan World?

Guatemala is located in the centre of the geographic region where this civilisation flourished thousands of years ago.

It has been proven it had its origins in the jungles of the north. Here can be found a vast amount and concentration of archeological sites of the civilisation, and it’s possible to appreciate the evolution of all the construction stages it went through. In addition to this impressive historical legacy, in Guatemala is still inhabited by direct descendants of the Mayans; more than 50% of the population shares this origin and still use more than 20 Mayan languages to communicate.

Fuente: INGUAT “Instituto Gatemalteco de Turismo”

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