Why choose Guatemala for an AIESEC experience?

If you are reading this article, you probably are in the right place so #WelcomeToGuatemala. But ¿what? If you don’t, take it easy, this is an international article just talking about a small but beautiful and amazing country in Central America. Let me introduce you to Guatemala, and why choose this amazing country if you are looking for an international experience as a volunteer or maybe as a professional.

I don’t want to talk about the distance between some places or anything else you’ll probably find through a few clicks on Google. I want to talk about the country that many people don’t even know about (that even some Latin American people don’t have idea of its existence).

Guatemala is a country that speaks Spanish as its first language. A few years ago, somebody asked me about our language, that kind of questions that you have no idea how to answer, not because everyone should know everything about Guatemala, but because it has more than 4 cultures, 22 differents languages, and it is the heart of the Mayan world.

As a volunteer

If you want to come here for a volunteer experience, well… you are in the right place. We are in the top ten of happiest countries in Latin America, and anyone who comes here feels comfortable, happy and grateful with the people. If you want to live one of the most amazing experiences, you need to come here; believe me, we have NGOs with different focuses, one of those might be the one you were looking for, why not? This is a multi-cultural place; you could work with young people from different cultures, or have a climatic-change related job.

As a professional career

Did you know that the following companies were founded by Guatemalan visionaries?

  • Duolingo: the best app to learn languages
  • Captcha: yes, those little words you see when you fill some forms around the world and probably you get a headache.
  • Kingo: a company who provides solar energy in some places of Latin America and Africa.
  • Ecofiltro: one of the most beautiful systems of purified water
  • Autoweb: just bought by Autobytel by 15.6 million dollars
  • Vantage media: katch at this time, and one of the competitors of Autoweb

Just google them, you will be amazed! I bet you probably didn’t know it.

If you are ready, you can apply for a

We have everything, so don’t waste more time asking yourself, where should I go for my next life experience?

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